Mazda builds its next Rotary Sports Car

10/31/2016 16:39:02
Mazda builds its next Rotary Sports Car
Do we even hope to see in the future a new rotary sports car built by Mazda?!

Do we even hope to see in the future a new rotary sports car built by Mazda?! Of course we do, we've been looking for some new hints on that everywhere, and waiting for some rumors to come up. But nothing, the silence was making us lose the hope and just when we thought there's no way Mazda will go back to sports cars, we heard Mazda's North American vice president who not officially of course but gave us enough information to make some conclusions.



Russell Wager, the vice president we've been telling you about accidentally touched the subject of the RX concept during a Q&A session at an auto conference in the US. “That concept car shows RX in the title. Every time we’ve used that in the past, it means rotary engine. I hope that’s the case this time, that car wouldn’t come to market unless it has a rotary engine…That’s what they are working on.” he said.



These words were enough to realize that the Japanese automaker is still thinking of bringing another sports vehicle to the auto market, but the condition is a rotary engine. What do you guys think about these news?


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