5 Cars Which Got Even Better After Getting Downsized!

08/21/2016 14:35:15
5 Cars Which Got Even Better After Getting Downsized!
Here are 5 models of great super cars, which got even better after being downsized, although we had some really bad expectations.

How many of you got disappointed in some good cars after they got downsized? We have many examples, which didn't reach our expectations also, but there are some models that got even better after. Downsizing started to dominate in the car industry, and due to the massive shift of emission laws and war on fuel consumption, even the powerhouses of the car market have decided to reduce engine displacement and turbocharge their powertrains.



Porsche 991.2 Carrera- one of the best examples of vehicles which got some changes and became better after. The model is famous now for its flat-six engine, since it slowly gained in capacity and power. Before the 911 Turbo you see on it now, it had a sole turbocharged sect of the rear-engined breed. Porsche blew away the critics for the 3.8 to 3-litres Carrera S models and put the effect of downsizing into perspective. The new Porsche was able to progress Porsche into a new era of performance.



Mercedes AMG C63- this is another perfect example of models which turned from brutal vehicles into better cars. The 6.2 litre V8 automobile, now has turned into a 4.0 litre unit, with two turbochargers in a hot-V formation. The S variant of the model has a standard 469 bhp and pushes over 500 bhp, while the C63 is still a great saloon. The car still offers a V8, which of course makes it even more upgraded, and makes it a great rival to the most recent BMW M3.



Ford Mustang EcoBoost- starting with the early 60's Mustang has been quite a legendary muscle car. It was always using a V8 powertrain to maximise pantomime over efficiency, but now it has become into something more, by being downsized. Ford now is producing Mustangs with EcoBoost inline-four-cylinder engine producing 310bhp. That might be 100bhp down on the 5.0 litre V8 model, but that doesn't make it worse.



Aston Martin DB11- this model has taken the recipe from DB9 of course, since it successfully modified to keep up with the modern climate. It moved from an old 5.9 litre V12, to a low down torque 5.2 litre. Yes, it doesn't have the supercar pedigree of Ferrari F12, but you can't argue with a 600bhp, and a peak power of 6500rpm.



Ferrari 488 GTB- is the last model on our list, and while many journalists have slammed the 488 for its lack of theatre when it's compared to the 458, its technical ability can still dominance in the supercar world. It uses a 3.9 litre twin turbocharged V8, and produces 561lbft at just 3000rpm compared to the 458's 398lbft at 6000rpm.



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